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I. Technical Feasibility Studies

  • Flow sheets
  • Heat Balances
  • Material Balances
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Cost Estimates
  • Personnel Requirements

II. Equipment Specifications

III. Building and Equipment Supporting Structure Design

IV. Equipment Design

  • Cane Handling Systems, Cane Conveyors
  • Press Rollers and intermediate carriers with Donelly Chutes
  • Juice Strainers, Juice Heaters
  • Evaporators, Vacuum Pans, Crystallizers
  • Massecuite Mixers and Heaters, Sugar Handling Equipment
  • Bagasse Handling Equipment
  • Piping Design

V. Layout Designs

  • Cane Handling Station
  • Cane preparation and Milling Station
  • Clarification Station, Evaporation Station
  • Boiling House, Steam generating Station
  • Power Plant Design and Electrical Transmission and Distribution
  • Instrumentation and Automation of process Control

VI. Supervision and Coordination of Erection Programs

VII. Supervision and Coordination During Start-up and Operation

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